Green Party Press Release – Greens Announce Swansea Candidates

Plaid Werdd Abertawe
Swansea Green Party

News Release

14 February 2010

Greens Announce Swansea Candidates

The Green Party have announced their candidates for the General Election  in the Swansea West and Swansea East constituencies.

Former Royal Navy Officer Keith Ross will represent the party in Swansea  West.

After leaving the Royal Navy in 1982, Keith worked in Local Government,  University administration and the Telecommunications industry. He now  lives in Brynmill and works as a Benefits Adviser in the voluntary sector. He is involved in local campaigns with Defend Council Housing, Unite  Against Fascism and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and is a member of  the Swansea City of Sanctuary Steering Group.

Mr Ross said, “From a political perspective, I suppose you could describe  me as a Democratic Socialist Vegetarian. I’m firmly committed to Human  Rights, Animal Rights and Social Justice. I prefer participatory rather  than representative democracy and believe that the role of a politician is  to facilitate democracy rather than control it.

“With trust in politicians at an all time low, perhaps it’s time for a  different kind of politics. Politics that supports those who cannot  support themselves, but also supports those who want to take more  responsibility for their own lives.

“It’s time for us to move away from big government that puts the interests  of big business first, and start to develop an economy based on small  scale, sustainable enterprises. People need encouragement and support to  allow those who wish to take more responsibility for growing their own  food, producing their own energy, creating their own wealth – rather than  having to rely on big corporations for these things.

“During this campaign I hope to be able to show that the Green Party is  anything but a single issue party; that we have a whole range of policies  that will help to deal with climate change and create tens of thousands of  new and sustainable jobs at the same time. The Green Party is now a party  of the economy and social justice, as well as the environment.”

In Swansea East, the Green Party candidate will be retired schoolteacher  Tony Young.
After graduating in Hispanic Studies in 1964, Tony went on to teach modern  languages and maths in various schools in England, Ireland, and Spain. He  now lives in Penlan, and is a member of the advisory panel of the Penlan ‘Communities First’ partnership.
Tony is Campaigns Officer for Wales Green Party, and is a member of  CND Cymru and Cynefin y Werin, a network of campaigning groups in Wales  whose aim is to promote peace, justice, and human rights across the world.
Tony believes in the need for individuals to take responsibility  themselves for building their communities. This means, for example,  getting involved in local community associations, and working through them  to maintain or improve local services, e.g. bus services, medical services and, of course, the local primary school, which is the very heart of any community.

Tony stresses the need for local communities to provide sports and social  facilities for people, especially young people, as a means of combating  anti-social behaviour. Enforcement of the law by the Police, by itself, is  not enough – we have to ensure that young people have a sense of belonging  to their community and have an active role to play in it.

For interviews and further information please contact:

Keith M Ross, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Swansea West: 01792  418926 or 079 1467 7150;

Tony Young, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Swansea East; 01792 588025;

Swansea Green Party Press Office: 0845 345 5768 or 079 1467 7150; >

Green Party National Press Office: 020 7561 0282


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