Green Party Spring Conference Opens in London

Caroline Lucas, in her speech to Green Party spring conference today, emphasised the party’s support for public services.

Lucas said what was most shocking of all from 12 years of Labour government was the state of the NHS.

“I believe that on May 6 we can make a truly historic breakthrough. We will win our first seat in Parliament.” (as featured on BBC News throughout this evening.

“We don’t want to win seats in Westminster to sit impotently on the back benchers. Or toadying to the powerful. None of us want that. We haven’t come so far, or worked so hard, for that.

We’re going to Westminster to make a difference. To open the door for all those we represent.
To hold the Government and Parliament to account. To show that you can stick to your principles and still get things done.

That is why we are here. That is the responsibility we want to take up on May 7th.”

For the full text of Caroline’s speech go to: spring-conference.html


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