Response to a letter in the Evening Post from “Nuclear” Jack Harris


Did Jack Harris (‘Have Your Say’, Tuesday 9th March) actually read my article about onshore wind (‘Agenda’, Thursday 4th March)?

Had he done so he would surely have noticed that the claim that “Wind is the only way to meet demands” was made by the Editor in the headline. Whereas, in the article I made it very clear that wind needs to be one part of a mix of renewable sources of energy.

What Jack seems to be suggesting is that we put our faith in a horrendously expensive, finite, imported fuel that creates a waste product lethal to all forms of life for thousands of years.

As opposed to taking full advantage of a free, infinitely renewable, home-grown fuel that creates no waste whatsoever.

How daft is that?


Keith M Ross
Green Party Candidate, Swansea West

For the text of Jack’s letter:

Title: We cannot depend on wind alone

KEITH M Ross of the Swansea Green Party (Agenda, March 4) states that wind power is the only way to meet our electricity demand. As a consulting engineer with 27 years experience in the electricity supply industry, I fully support the process of reducing our CO2 emissions but, let us get real. It has to be done with predictable sources of electricity.

This reduction can be fully achieved with completely safe, reliable, CO2-free nuclear power and highly predictable renewable tidal generation. To depend on unpredictable wind power is lunacy.

When there is a high pressure weather system settled over the UK we will get very hot or very cold depending on the season. However, under these conditions, the wind speed is negligible hence the wind turbines do not contribute any electricity to the grid, which could leave us, the public, either shivering with cold or sweating with heat. You can only rely on wind turbines for about 30 per cent of the year.

Additionally, wind turbines can be very dangerous machines, losing massive razor sharp fragments when they get into trouble. There is currently a colour picture doing the rounds of a wind turbine in Germany self-destructing with flames and bits going all over the place.

How daft can the Green Party get?

Jack Harris
Eaton Crescent


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