Nuclear Power – Letter to the Evening Post

Sent today, in response to an article by “Nuclear” Jack Harris (not available on line as yet).


Leading expert Jack Harriss article Why Nuclear Power is safe way forward (Agenda, Tuesday 22 March) could be questioned on many levels, but I will confine myself to a few of the less technical ones.

1. How much CO2 is emitted in the whole life cycle of a nuclear power station – i.e. including mining, processing and transporting the fuel; and building, running and decommissioning the power station?
2. How long will the waste have to be stored for, and how much will this cost?
3. How many nuclear power stations would we need to provide 10% of UK electricity?

Spin it how you will, nuclear power is still dirty, dangerous, expensive and – according to the Welsh Assembly Governments Energy Policy Statement, A Low Carbon Revolution, published last week unnecessary.


Keith M Ross
Green Party Candidate
Swansea West


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