‘Growing the Future’: a Woodland Trust manifesto

Keith M Ross, Green Party Candidate for Swansea West, today pledged his support for the Woodland Trust Manifesto.

The manifesto calls upon all the political parties to commit to the following actions:

– Adopt a target of doubling native woodland cover in the UK over the next fifty years, bringing together the public, private and voluntary sectors to make this a reality.

– Enable every child to plant trees and engage with the natural world as part of their formal education to develop rounded citizens equipped for 21st century challenges.

– Provide planning guidance which makes provision for the creation of new native woods within walking distance of residential areas.

– Offer incentives to encourage private landowners to plant trees.

– Retain a public forest estate but ensure it reflects societys changing needs with an enhanced emphasis on woodland creation.

– Provide global leadership on deforestation by ensuring the UKs equivalent to the rainforest our ancient woods and trees are protected for their biodiversity and cultural importance.

More details of the work of the Woodland Trust and the Manifesto can be found at: http://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/campaigns.


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