Dealing with anti-social behaviour

(Letter to the South Wales Evening Post)


Mike Cotton of the Campaign for Justice and Public Protection asks what the Greens, among others, would do about anti-social behaviour (Have Your Say, Tuesday 30 March).

The simple answer is that we would seek to give young people better things to do.

Green Party policy would see a doubling of expenditure on local authority youth services, spending a further £1bn per year to ensure universal access to quality facilities for music, art, drama, dance and youth clubs as well as sports facilities.

This would allow the creation of 2000 Young People’s Centres; dedicated spaces for young people to meet and be creative. The centres would also offer access to information and specialist support for teenagers in difficulty.

We would also establish a Youth Fund within each local councils budget. Disposal of this fund would be decided by an elected Young Peoples Executive made up of representatives aged 11-17; thus giving young people the opportunity to take responsibility for providing and managing the facilities that they want.

This would take place in conjunction with increased focus on crime prevention measures, including more community policing under local democratic control, more local police stations and the return of bus conductors and others who have an important effect on social order.

The Green Party believes that the answer to the problem of anti-social behaviour is to give young people a part to play and a stake in their community, as part of wider measures to make our streets safer, foster community and cut crime.


Keith M Ross
Green Party Candidate
Swansea West


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