More To Greens Than Meets The Eye

There’s more to Greens than just environment’

With a General Election imminent, the Green Party is keen to let everyone know about their party’s policies on things besides the environment.

Keith M Ross, who is standing in the General Election in Swansea West said: “Everyone knows that the Green Party has sound policies on the environment, but what we find harder to communicate – being a smaller party – are our equally good policies in other areas such as creating jobs, alternatives to spending cuts and plans to protect and improve the NHS.

You can’t cut your way out of a recession. That’s why we need Government investment in things that will create jobs and keep the economy turning. So, we are fighting for an immediate £44bn investment package, to create over a million new jobs that will start building the 21st Century infrastructure Britain needs, with public transport that works and with warm, cheap to run homes.

We think it’s unfair that irresponsible bankers go on earning extortionate salaries while 330,000 people still earn below the minimum wage. Greens in Parliament will fight for a fair living wage for everyone, and a High Pay Commission to make sure millionaire bankers and other highly paid executives in the private and public sectors are not rewarded for failure.

Greens will also fight for a fair deal for those needing health care, by opposing cuts, closures and privatisation and demanding a full programme of locally accessible services.

As an MP I would fight to restore free dental care, to provide everyone with the choice of an NHS dentist, and to put an end to the scandal that nearly one in two children under the age of five is showing signs of tooth decay.

This is not pie in the sky politics. Our Election Manifesto will lay out how all these measures can be funded without cutting public services, through a programme of modest savings and sensible, fair taxation.

The Green Party is now a party of the economy and social justice, as well as the environment.”


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