Greens Launch Manifesto

Fair is worth fighting for! Green Party Manifesto launch today

The Green Party will launch its 2010 general election manifesto today in Brighton, where the Greens are hopeful of gaining their first ever MP at the General Election

The party’s manifesto will include tax changes to reduce inequality. It will also include a government investment programme to create around a million new jobs and training places across a wide range of economic sectors including jobs for carers, midwives, plumbers, builders, engineers and public transport workers.

The Greens argue that a determined effort to prevent cuts to public services will result in swifter recovery from the recession, large-scale job-creation and long-term economic stability. The manifesto will spell out a package of savings from scrapping projects like Trident, ID cards and new road building, as well as raising higher taxes on the highest incomes to pay for the investment programme.

Keith Ross, Green Party candidate in Swansea West, said, “”Everyone knows that the Green Party has sound policies on the environment. What this manifesto shows is that we have equally good policies in other areas such as creating jobs, alternatives to spending cuts and plans to protect and improve the NHS.”

“This is not pie in the sky politics. The manifesto lays out how all these measures can be funded without cutting public services, through a programme of modest savings and sensible, fair taxation.

“The Green Party is now a party of the economy and social justice, as well as the environment.”

Largest ever number of Green candidates in a UK general election 

The Greens expect to field well over 300 candidates across the UK, the highest number ever, contesting around half of the seats.

The party is widely expected to make its breakthrough to the UK parliament in the 6 May election, having had representatives in the European and Scottish Parliaments and the London Assembly for a decade, and having trebled its number of local councillors during that time.

Caroline Lucas MEP, Green Party Leader is tipped by bookies and pollsters alike to win in the Brighton Pavilion constituency


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