Voters still prefer Green Party policies, according to leading independent voter survey website

Last weeks historic televised debate may have focused the voters even more upon the popularity contest between the “big three” party leaders – but when it comes to actual policies, an independent website suggests the public prefers what the Green Party has to offer.

The Vote for Policies website at: surveys opinion according to which policies people support – without initially saying which parties’ policies they are.

As the website says: “Vote for Policies makes it easy to compare what the political parties are promising to do. It helps you make an informed, unbiased decision about who to vote for. Find out which party you really support…”

Green Party lead holds up well

A week ago, after more than 60,000 votes had been cast, the Greens were runaway leaders with over 28% of the vote.

Today, with over 144,000 votes having been cast, the Greens are still way ahead, with just under 28%. The Lib Dems are unchanged at 18%. Labour and the Conservatives still trail with 17% and 16% respectively, with UKIP failing to achieve 11% and the BNP on less than 10%.

The policy areas from which voters are asked to select their preferences include crime, democracy, economy, education, environment, Europe, NHS, immigration and welfare.

Keith Ross, Green Party Candidate for Swansea West, said, “The findings of this survey echo what we’ve been hearing from voters up and down the country. The vast majority of voters can see the policies of the main parties aren’t working and they’re crying out for change.”


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Buttman on April 29, 2010 at 9:39 am

    A lot of people say to me “Hey Buttman, why don’t you support mass-immigration? The Green Party support it!”

    Well, here’s the answer:
    1) The UK is an extremely over-populated country
    2) The UK is broke.

    If Keith Ross wants to bring about his version of a Marxist UK state with no borders, maybe he would like to tell us how he plans to pay for it, and where all the houses will be built to accommodate them? Where will all the money come from so that councils can provide services for them? As ever, the Green Party living in it’s multi-cultural fantasy land…


  2. Posted by Keith M Ross on April 30, 2010 at 6:34 am

    Hey Buttman, why don’t you read the Green Party Manifesto? That’s what the Green Party supports.

    Direct quote from Green Party Policy, “It (new Immigration Law) will not aim to allow increased net migration to Britain.” (Note the “not”!)

    As is often the case with those who criticise immigration policy, you focus on the negatives and blame immigrants for the failings of our own government. No mention of the many benefits that immigrants bring to this country.

    For example, according to research by The Independent, each immigrant pays an average of £7,203 in tax per year, compared with £6,861 for non-migrant workers.

    When it comes to housing, there are 300,000 empty houses in the UK – so why do we need to build more?

    And the pressure on our public services is the result of years of neglect and underfunding from successive governments intent on cow towing to business and bankers, rather than prioritising decent public services for working people. It has nothing to do with immigrants, many of who work in those very services, often for very low wages.

    A multi-cultural society in the UK is no fantasy. It’s the country we live in, and it has been that way for several centuries. It has been that way since before the English moved here from Northern Europe.

    If we stop immigration, we would logically have to stop migration as well, and bring back the 5 million Brits who live abroad. Result – an increase in our population!

    Get real Buttman!


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