Greens criticise Lib Dems £3 billion green jobs plan

The Lib Dem plan (£3bn) stands in sharp contrast to the £44bn promised by the Greens in their fully costed Manifesto.

Keith M Ross, Green Party Candidate for Swansea West, commenting on the Lib Dem £3 billion investment plan said today, “The numbers of jobs involved in the Lib Dem plan are far less than Britain needs; the resulting CO2 reductions are inadequate; and £3 billion is frankly a derisory amount when we’re talking about the future job prospects of so many people and the seriousness of climate change.”

“This is the latest attempt by the Lib Dems to portray themselves as green. There is only one Green Party, and it’s the party that last week launched a fully-costed job-creation plan showing how Britain could pay for a £44 billion investment package to create a million new jobs in the UK.”

The Green Party Manifesto for the General Election proposes a ‘Green New Deal’ that will see an immediate of £44bn in a package of measures including workforce training, investment in renewables, public transport, insulation, social housing and waste management. The Greens claim this will create a million new jobs and training places across the UK, including 100,000 new jobs in Wales.

The Green workforce training and environmental community programme includes grant-funded training for jobs in energy conservation and renewable energy, and conversion courses for skilled engineers from other industries. This would see £5bn spent on creating 350,000 training places, offering opportunities to 700,000 unemployed people, in particular the young unemployed.

The Greens also plan to provide free insulation for every home that needs it, which could create 80,000 new jobs and result in homes that are warm and cheaper to run, as well as much lower energy costs for businesses.

Mr Ross continued, All these jobs will not only provide employment solutions, but will also provide the country with the vital 21st century infrastructure it needs, including an efficient public transport system, homes that are warm and cheaper to run, and much lower energy costs for businesses.


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