Green Party beats all other parties on global justice, says World Development Movement

The World Development Movement has analysed and scored the main parties’ policies on international development – and has rated the Green Party higher than any other party (

The Greens, who score an impressive 8 out of 10, come out on top on issues such as trade justice, international aid and IMF reform, ahead of the Liberal Democrats (6 out of 10), Labour (5 out of 10) and the poorly scoring Conservatives, who lag behind on a score of just 3 out of 10.

To tackle world poverty, the Green Party has said the UK should: . Introduce a Robin Hood Tax ( that would generate as much as £250bn by taxing bankers transactions by a tiny amount (maybe 0.05%). This money would be used to deal with global poverty, as well as tackling climate change and investing in public services. . Increase aid by exceeding the UN’s target and allocating at least 1 per cent of UK Gross National Produce for aid by 2011, adding an extra £4.5bn pa. This aid should be targeted for the poorest, not involve economic policy conditions, respect gender equality and not be diverted to equipping security forces.
. Keep an International Aid Department separate from the Foreign Office, so as to separate foreign policy interests from humanitarian assistance.

Keith M Ross, Green Party Candidate for Swansea West, said, “During this election campaign Ive had more e-mails about international development, aid and the Robin Hood Tax than any other single issue.

“I’m delighted to see that Green Party policies are considered better than those of the other parties. We think our policies would radically improve the lives of the poorest. When it comes to international aid, we would exceed the UN target.

“The Robin Hood Tax, which became Green Party policy at our Spring Conference in February, would provide billions of pounds to tackle global poverty, whilst taking a minute percentage of large financial transactions.

“At this election we are on the brink of getting our first MPs into Westminster, which would mean an independent voice in parliament talking about these vital issues, and holding the Government to account.”


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