Jobs versus the Environment

(Letter to the South Wales Evening Post)


In relation to the proposed biomass plant at Kings Dock, you comment (We Say, Saturday 15th May), “We are more green-aware than ever but with unemployment rising, at what point does job creation have to come first?” Why must it be a choice between job creation and protecting the environment?

Throughout the Election Campaign, the Green Party championed the Green New Deal, a proposal to tackle the three crises of economic collapse, inequality and climate change. This would see investment to create one million new jobs at the same time as moving towards a sustainable, zero-carbon economy.

The major failing of the main parties is their inability to see, or to admit, that the economy and the environment are interconnected. They claim to wear a green mantle while continuing to promote environmentally and socially damaging economic growth as the saviour of mankind.

We cannot afford this false choice to dominate decision making over the next few years. If we are to prevent runaway climate change we need to restructure our economy to focus on creating sustainable, green jobs rather than continuing down the old road of supporting dirty and damaging mega industries. Our new industries need to be not just green, but also small scale and localised in order to ensure sustainability in the long term.

The plan to produce energy from food waste and farmyard manure at Kittle Hill Dairy (Evening Post, Saturday 15th May, page 16) is a perfect example. Small-scale green energy production using local waste materials and creating local jobs.

In the long run, investment in schemes such as this will create more jobs and more local prosperity than the likes of the proposed biomass plant and be much better for the environment.


Keith M Ross
Swansea Green Party


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