One law for the rich and another for the poor?

(A personal comment from Keith M Ross)

I’m trying hard not to choke on the pervading hypocrisy from the government regarding David Laws.

If this was a single mother on benefits, would anyone, even David Laws, be in any doubt that the man she was living with, who had shared her bed for nine years, was anything other than her partner – whether they had a shared bank account and a shared social life or not? What price her right to protect her private life?

This man made a fortune in the city and is considered to be one of the best brains in parliament. So he isn’t stupid. He could be a fool – but it seems more likely that he thinks we’re fooled by his specious argument around the definition of the word spouse.

“It’s the same the whole world over,
It’s the poor what gets the blame
It’s the rich what gets the money
Ain’t it all a bleeding shame?”


One response to this post.

  1. Agreed, Keith. I love the way that the papers portray it as a ‘tragedy’, almost as if as a result of the shame, he decided to throw himself to his doom off the Treasury roof.

    It’s all complete bollocks. Laws, like all the millionaires in the cabinet have fiddled the expenses system, when it wouldn’t even put a scratch in their wallets. Osborne’s flipping; Cameron’s wisteria, etc. Most millionaires are by definition the most penny-pinching obsessives you could imagine. I bet they never get a round in …assuming that we’d want to drink with the tossers in the first place.

    Laws cheated; not just his expenses, but as a politician deliberately hiding his sexuality from his supporters to make him seemingly more electable. His colleague, Simon Hughes did it, and led a disgusting homophobic election campaign against Tatchell; continuously denying his sexuality until he was caught phoning gay sex lines.

    Personally I’m chuffed that a right wing capitalist who only joined the LibDems out of convenience, and took on the mantel of ‘cuts czar’ with almost religious zeal has been exposed as a sleazy lying cheat. He’ll be back, no doubt. Such scandals never seemed to derail Mandelson.


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