Wales Green Party Leader Jake Griffiths speaking at the Unite Against Fascism demo in Cardiff

The video above is from the Unite Against Fascism rally in Cardiff last Saturday June the 5TH, in response to the English Defence League (EDL). There was another rally in Swansea in response to the Welsh Defence League (WDL). Let us not forget that this is WALES not England for a start and if the EDL want to march anywhere it should be in England.

In a free and democratic society the EDL has the right to march and go on protests. But don’t forget, so do we. And there are far more of us than there are of them. The UAF outnumbered these fascist groups on both occasions and it took a large police operation to keep both sides apart.

The WDL are not welcome here and the EDL most certainly aren’t, the people of Swansea and Cardiff demonstrated this on Saturday.


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