Busting the Carbon Myth

(Letter to the Evening Post)


What kind of a Doctor is Dr K B Napier (‘Carbon myth needs busting’, Have Your Say, Wednesday 16th June)? He can certainly spin a good yarn without very much thread!

His bluster about the IPCC and “bad science” seeks to divert attention from the inconvenient truth that, despite dissenting voices like his, there is general consensus among the scientific community worldwide regarding climate change. That it is happening – now; and that we need to do something about it – now.

However, let us indulge the good Doctor for a few moments and apply the Precautionary Principle to this vexed question.

If we listen to Dr Napier and other climate sceptics, and do nothing about climate change, what happens if they are wrong? Our world is devastated by widespread coastal flooding, drought, famine, disease; millions will loose their homes and perhaps their lives.

On the other hand, if we listen to the green lobby and choose to act on climate change, what happens if they are wrong? We end up in a cleaner, greener, safer and happier world, with millions of new sustainable jobs in green industries.

I know where I will be placing my bet.


Keith M Ross


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Dr K B Napier on June 17, 2010 at 4:21 pm

    You accused me of bluster! Well done by outdoing me!
    Climate change happens – get over it! I have no problem with easing coastal erosion, cleaning the countryside, and so on. But I have everything against being forced to accept the absurdity of CO2 links to supposed pollution, when CO2 is absolutely essential to life on earth. The spin being put on CO2 is pathetic and grossly un-intellectual.
    The supposed green jobs? Sounds good, eh? But when jobs are founded on myth, they will soon vanish… just as they have already in the USA under the even more mythical Obama.
    Climate is changing simply because that is what it always does! To blame it on human beings and on unproven science is not acceptable. As for there being a scientific consensus about all this… try telling that to the many thousands of genuine scientists who think otherwise!
    I have a number of lead-author friends, scientists who are part of the IPCC, and who strenuously fight the IPCC for its deception, lies and outright fraud. I speak with them weekly, so I am quite up to date.
    The carbon scam will cost taxpayers billions if not trillions and will effect nothing at all! This is because carbon is not a pollutant and, as Hertberg shows, the more CO2 enters the troposphere the faster it deals with it.
    Be green if you wish, but try the truth.
    Read my book on Amazon…The Global Green Agenda… it shows beyond doubt that the impetus behind all this is not environmentalism, but fascism and Marxism, with a full-bodied agenda leading to world government and loss of freedom of speech. The fact that people like me have been silenced for years if proof that greens fear freedom of speech more than anything else – because then their supposed science will be shown for what it is.
    Climate sceptic? No sir – a climate realist.
    Remember – I’m not against a suitable environment, only against lies, deception and fraud, and being forced to adhere to therm by government.


    • Hi there Dr Napier,

      Interesting that you think we’re not in favour of free speech when we’ve left your quite ridiculous comment on here for everyone to see. First of all I’d just like to clarify that President Obama is in fact a real person and not mythical. Secondly, CO2 is essential to every life on earth, as are carbohydrates and Water. If you ingest a surplus of carbohydrates though, you will inevitably become fat and bloated. My point is that man is effectively causing a surplus of CO2 to be released into the atmosphere, more than would naturally occur. Whether or not this CO2 is contributing directly to climate change is not agreed as definite by all scientists but it is agreed by the majority of them that it carries a serious risk. Just as it is widely accepted that having high cholesterol levels and being overweight will lead to heart disease. It is a risk based scientific model. I’m guessing though that people like you haven’t been silenced at all, no one is listening to you


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