Can the Lib Dems be trusted?

(Letter to the Evening Post)


This week we had the spectacle of Vince Cable, the Lib-Con Business Secretary, defending measures in the budget that he and his party vehemently opposed during the election campaign.

Now, here in Swansea, we have Councillor Peter May, Lib-Dem Cabinet Member for Housing, telling us that transferring ownership of our council housing stock to a “private landlord … is the only option on the table” (Evening Post, Saturday 26 June, page 5).

This despite the fact that, in response to a question that I asked during the Council Meeting in April 2009 Councillor May gave a categorical assurance that there would be no re-ballot on the question of transfer. At a subsequent meeting he confirmed this assurance by repeating that there would be no re-ballot on transfer during the lifetime of the current administration.

If, as he says, “it isn’t a principle he believes in”, why is he raising the question when no-one else seems to be pushing for it?

The rejection of the transfer proposal in 2007 was not only supported by 71% of council tenants who voted in the ballot, it also had the support of large numbers of Council Tax payers across Swansea.

At the time the message to the Swansea Administration was clear. The people of Swansea wanted them to stop talking and get on with the job of improving our council housing stock.

It appears that they have ignored that message, as they ignored the message that came from their own consultation on the future of the Slip Bridge.

How can the Lib Dems be trusted when they appear willing to change their minds and ignore their principles at the drop of a hat for the sake of political convenience?


Keith M Ross
Swansea Green Party


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