Johann Hari: Cameron’s cuts will kill, not cure

“To preach austerity as the solution to depression is the equivalent of drilling holes in your head to cure your migraine while dismissing aspirin as for wusses.”

Johann Hari, writing in the Independent on 30 July, argues that the government’s programme of cuts is a recipe for disaster, and cites the experience of Ireland as a warning to us all.

“A detailed study for Oxford University … calculates that there will be 38,000 premature deaths over the next decade as a result of all this.”

“The National Housing Federation says the number of homeless people will double as a result of their slashing of housing benefit.”

“Half a million children living below the poverty line will have their free school meals cancelled.”

“The unemployed are having £6.50 knocked off the £65 a week they have to live on.”

“The country [Ireland] introduced austerity to pay off their debts and the austerity killed their economy, making it impossible to pay off their debts in any case. It was self-defeating. So introducing all these cuts doesn’t only inflict misery; it doesn’t even achieve its professed goal.”

Read the full article and weep!

It’s the same the whole world over
It’s the poor what gets the blame
It’s the rich what gets the money
Ain’t it all a bleeding shame


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