Cuts not needed at all

(Letter to the Evening Post)

John Lynch (Have Your Say, Wednesday 15 September) is wrong in his implication that cuts in public spending are the only way to deal with the financial deficit.

Figures published by HM Revenue & Customs this week show that we are loosing around £120billion every year in tax avoidance and evasion. Recovering this money alone would solve the problem.

Combine that with scrapping Trident and a fairer tax system, and we would have more money to spend on public services, not less.

The truth is that the proposed cuts and reforms of the benefits system are an ideological attack on the Welfare State. They are designed to continue the work of Thatcher and Blair in creating private profit from public services.

Its a question of priorities, and the government has chosen to prioritise wealth creation over welfare. They have chosen to make cuts in already stretched and underfunded public services so that bankers, who created the problem in the first place, can continue to receive their bonuses. They are protecting the rights of the criminals, while heaping even greater misery on their victims.

But the government’s strategy carries a high risk. That risk being that the cuts and the continuing world financial crisis will destroy so many jobs that there will not be enough revenue from taxation to pay the debt, leading to the feared “double-dip” recession.

As the Green Party showed in our manifesto for the General Election, these cuts are completely unnecessary. It is perfectly possible to pay off the deficit without cuts while creating jobs at the same time by investing in new, green, sustainable industries.


Keith M Ross
Swansea Green Party


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