Swansea Anti Cuts Rally – 6:00pm Wednesday 29th September – Castle Square, Swansea

Bring Banners and Placards!

This Wednesday, 29th September, has been designated a Day of Action against attacks on the public sector by the European Trade Union Confederation. Across Europe workers are facing the same or similar attacks on their living standards, with the destruction of public sector jobs and services and are beginning to respond together. Spain will see a full general strike and no doubt strikes and massive demonstrations will rock Greece, France, Portugal and others.

Britain may not yet be at that stage; the cuts are at an earlier sage than some of these countries but even now they are beginning to bite. The local paper reported on Friday how Fairwood hospital is once again under threat of closure and how school governors are bracing themselves for a ‘crisis in education’ as a result of budget cuts (Evening Post, 24 September).

“If you’re a worker in the public sector who fears for the future of your job or a parent who fears for their children’s education then come to the rally and be part of the fight back. Regardless of where we work we all depend on public services: health, education, emergency services, leisure and so on. Don’t let them be destroyed. Come to the rally and bring your banners!” Ronnie Job, Secretary, Swansea Trades Council

Neither is the private sector in a position to step in and take up the slack as some would have us believe. Also on Friday, news emerged that TRW in Resolven, which produces steering for the car industry, is likely to close and has started a 90-day consultation over redundancy for its 200+ workforce.

“The likely closure of TRW, comes on top of similar announcements at Bosch, Borg Warner and my own plant, Linamar. The car industry in South Wales is being destroyed. Public and private sector workers need to stand together. All our jobs are under threat.” Rob Williams, UNITE Convenor, Linamar

The Swansea Anti Cuts Campaign is a network of trade unionists and community activists who will support each other in fighting to retain public services and the jobs of those that provide them.

Further info:

Swansea Anti Cuts Campaign:

Ronnie Job; ron.job@sky.com; 07963 454041


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  1. Article in today’s Evening Post here.


  2. I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …


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