Greens Announce Regional Candidates

The Green Party have announced their first candidates for the South Wales West Regional List for the Assembly Elections in 2011.

Local activist Keith Ross will lead the party list for the region. A former officer in the Royal Navy, Keith has also worked in Local Government, University administration and the Telecommunications industry. He now lives in Brynmill and works as a Benefits Adviser in the voluntary sector.

Second on the list will be Huw Evans who is 28, born in Swansea and a first language Welsh speaker. Huw is a Chemistry graduate and has worked in the environmental analysis and pharmaceutical industries since graduating in 2003. He is a member of CAMRA and can regularly be seen at The Commercial in Gowerton on quiz night.

Statement from Keith Ross:

“From a political perspective, I suppose you could describe me as a Democratic Socialist Vegetarian. I’m firmly committed to Human Rights, Animal Rights and Social Justice. I prefer participatory rather than representative democracy and believe that the role of a politician is to facilitate democracy rather than control it.

“As we face massive cuts in public spending over the next few years we are going to need some new thinking and fresh approaches to providing the services that people in Wales depend on. This is what the Green Party can bring to the table.

“Perhaps it’s time for a different kind of politics. Politics that supports those who cannot support themselves, but also supports those who want to take more responsibility for their own lives.

“It’s time for us to move away from big government that puts the interests of big business first, and start to develop an economy based on small scale, sustainable enterprises. People need encouragement and support to allow those who wish to take more responsibility for growing their own food, producing their own energy, creating their own wealth rather than having to rely on big corporations for these things.

“During this campaign we hope to be able to show that the Green Party is anything but a single issue party; that we have a whole range of policies that will help to deal with climate change and create tens of thousands of new and sustainable jobs at the same time. The Green Party is now a party of the economy and social justice, as well as the environment.”

Statement from Huw Evans:

“I’d describe myself as a fair minded person, who is angered by the excesses of large corporations and the banking sector. I feel that there is a need to break the monopolies of large corporations and to open up an easier route to market for small, independent businesses so that money can be retained by local economies as opposed to being sucked out by large corporations.

“I’m a big lover of diversity, from culture and cuisine as well as craftsmanship to environment and landscape. I believe our culture and environment is losing diversity rapidly as can be seen from our ‘clone towns’ where one high street is indistinguishable from the next.

“I think our government needs to seriously change its attitude to success by breaking from the idea of GDP and growth as being the benchmarks for success. Our politicians need to realise that they are there for the benefit of society and not to line their own pockets.”


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