A personal view on the spending cuts

(Letter to the South Wales Evening Post)


Yesterday the issue of spending cuts got very personal.

Within hours of the Chancellor’s announcement I was told that I am likely to be one of the 50,000+ people in Wales who will lose their jobs as a result.

For me this will not be a major disaster, as I have a small private pension and will qualify for some Pension Credit. And I can always find plenty of things to occupy my time, whether I get paid for the work or not.

But what really concerns me is the impact on my clients – vulnerable people who depend on advice services to guide them through difficult times. Because when I go, the service goes as well.

Here lies the true face of the public spending cuts. Not only will the poorest, most vulnerable people in our society be hardest hit financially, but the services that they have hitherto depended on to help them deal with life’s problems will no longer be there or will be much curtailed.

The proposed Banking Levy is predicted to raise £2.5 billion exactly the same sum as the cuts in Child Benefit, and a relatively small figure when compared to the total of £18 billion cuts in benefits alone. And the banks will, of course, pass the cost on to their already hard pressed customers. I doubt there will be any loss of bonuses.

How fair is that? If we are “all in this together”, then where’s the pain for the banks and bankers?

Despite Mr Osborne’s claims that he had no choice, the cuts are entirely unnecessary and we could easily pay off the deficit without any reduction in public spending. And with investment in new green technologies we could be creating a million new jobs, rather than cutting that number.


Keith M Ross
Green Party Assembly Candidate
South Wales West


One response to this post.

  1. Mr Osborne really did have no choice, he’d already promised all his chums he’d make the poor pay their debts!


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