Motions passed at yesterday’s Wales Green Party AGM

Welsh Assembly Government Budget Cuts:

Wales Green Party notes:
1. That in the WAG budget of 17 November 2010 social housing, higher education, the economy and environment departments bore the greatest level of cuts, whilst road spending was maintained at still significant levels.

2. Notes with particular regret the proposal to cut WAG budgets on environment and climate change and sustainability at a time when there is general agreement that global warming is the greatest threat ever faced

3. These cuts have been forced on the Assembly by the coalition government in the CSR

Wales Green Party believes:
1. That WAG cuts to Higher Education and Social Housing investment are misguided
2. The WAG cuts to environment and climate change are a false economy and will harm our ability to develop the low carbon economy of the future so important for creating green jobs, tackling climate change and preparing for increases in energy and raw material costs
3. That spending on road expansion remains too high and should only be used for safety reasons and maintenance.
4. That the cuts to public spending are not necessary and could be avoided with progressive taxation and investment in the Green New Deal.

Wales Green Party resolves
1. To instruct the General Secretary to write to WAG expressing these views and asking for WAG to reconsider these cuts.
2. To maintain its opposition to the rationale for public spending cuts

Higher Education and Tuition Fees:

Wales Green Party notes:
1. That 50,000 students marched in London on 10 November opposing tuition fee rises and higher education cuts
2. The Browne Review called for tuition fees to be uncapped and all public funding contribution towards courses to be ended
3. The Government has announced plans for tuition fees of up to £9000 with almost all public funding to end.
4. A report from the Higher Education Policy Institute found that the Government’s proposals would not save any money and would result 80% of graduates paying more than under the current system.

Wales Green Party believes:
1. Higher education is a public good and should be funded by the state

2. That we should applaud the students who marched, leading the fight back against the cuts and we support the next day of action on the 24th November.

3. That WAG should resist higher university fees in Wales

Wales Green Party resolves:
1. That the Leader will write to WAG asking that fees not rise in Wales.

2. That Green AMs will vote against higher university fees in Wales.


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