Mumbles Head development

(Letter to the Evening Post)

Your report of the Mumbles Head Development meeting (Evening Post, Front Page, Wednesday 1st December) made no mention of the opposition that was expressed at the meeting.

Fully half of the people at that meeting were opposed to the development as currently proposed. This is not “Nimby-ism”, but a heartfelt desire to retain the very special character of Mumbles Head. There is a widespread belief that the proposed development illustrated in the outline planning application is inappropriate in that setting. The large number of local people who have signed the petition against the development evidences this.

Steel and glass will stick out like a sore thumb against the green background of the headland, regardless of whether it breaks the skyline or not.

At the meeting Pier owner John Bollom stated that essential refurbishment of the pier will only be possible if the hotel complex goes ahead. He also intimated that a hotel might not be viable in the current economic climate, and that it could be replaced by further apartments. This means that a final decision has not yet been made. There is therefore still time to rethink the proposal, and perhaps to find another way to fund the refurbishment of the pier. One hopes that, given the strength of local opposition, Swansea Council and the RNLI would work with Mr Bollom to identify alternative sources of funding, thereby allowing Mumbles Head to remain untouched.

As you said in your editorial comment, investment on this scale would be welcome for Mumbles, and for the area in general. But in such a sensitive location any development has to be in keeping with the area.


Keith M Ross
Green Party Assembly Candidate
South Wales West


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