Swansea Council Shenanigans

(Letter to the South Wales Evening Post)


Your Editorial comment (We Say, Saturday 11th December) that the cost of our local councillors is worth paying must be questioned in the light of the shenanigans that went on at the beginning of the Council meeting on Thursday last (reported on page 35 of the same edition).

Quite how the Chair and Vice Chair of the Council could have put an adjournment motion at all when the supposed proposer of the motion, Labour group leader David Phillips made it very clear, and repeated at least twice, that he had never requested the adjournment is baffling.

It is hard to understand what motivation he (Councillor Phillips) might have had in calling for an adjournment when the Labour group had put forward most of the items that were thereby postponed for a week.

And the argument by the Vice Chair that the motion was intended to reduce inconvenience to the public by cutting the length of the meeting does not hold water when you consider that the majority of people in the public gallery had come specifically to hear the debate on the items that were postponed.

The ducking and weaving we saw on Thursday made it clear that the true purpose of the adjournment motion was to postpone debate on matters that are highly critical of the Swansea administration and of the government they support for another week in the hope that less members of the public are likely to turn up to an unscheduled Council meeting.

Unfortunately their incompetent attempts to stifle public debate backfired and created a controversy that I trust will ensure a packed public gallery this coming Thursday.


Keith M Ross
Green Party Assembly Candidate
South Wales West


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