Greens Welcome Power Plant Decision

The Green Party in Swansea has welcomed the decision by the Planning Inspectorate to reject plans to build a biomass-fired power plant in Kings Dock, Swansea.

“The decision has been met with jubilation by the people of Port Tennant, Danygraig, the SA1 development, and the Maritime Quarter, who would have been most immediately affected by the presence of the power plant, and we share their jubilation,” says Tony Young of Swansea Green Party.

“We have been totally supportive of the action groups that have campaigned against this
development, and of the arguments they have put forward regarding the adverse visual impact the development would have had on Swansea’s foreshore, and the negative impact on future residential and commercial developments and tourism in the area.

“But there is another reason why we believe the decision was the right one. Until recently it had been thought that biofuels were one of the best alternatives to fossil fuels as a renewable source of energy. We now know that this is not the case.

“It had been thought that biomass would not produce significant emissions of greenhouse gases. But according to a study recently published by the Institute for European Environmental Policy, the harvesting and use of biomass would produce emissions of CO2 far greater than previous estimates suggest, possibly as great as those of the fossil fuels they are designed to replace. Further, the amount of land needed to produce sufficient quantities of biomass would be totally prohibitive.

“I feel sure the Planning Inspector had this in mind also when coming to his decision.”


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