Thanks to our local Lib Dem candidate

(Letter to the South Wales Evening Post)

The Green Party would like to publicly express our gratitude to Councillor Rob Speht, Liberal Democrat Assembly Candidate for the Swansea West Constituency, for his endorsement of the Green Party in his introductory letter and e-mail distributed to electors over the last week.

By mentioning the Green Party in his leaflet he has helped us to reach a wider audience and placed our name in every household in Swansea West – something we might not have achieved with our own limited resources.

Councillor Speht is correct when he says that the Green Party is not intending to field a candidate in the Swansea West constituency for the Assembly Election. As a small party we do not have the wherewithal to stand in every constituency in Wales.

Nevertheless, every elector in Wales will have the opportunity to vote Green as we are fielding a full slate on all five Regional Lists.

Councillor Speht also says in his leaflet and e-mail, ” … I personally do not necessarily agree with everything that the coalition government is doing … “. This is a sentiment that I’m sure is shared by many people who voted Lib Dem at the General Election.

The beauty of the electoral system in Wales is that it allows electors to vote with both head and heart. Voters can remain loyal to their traditional party in the Constituency vote, and vote with their principles in the Regional vote.

Councillor Speht asks those who voted Green at the General Election to “lend” him their vote this time. Perhaps disaffected and disappointed Lib Dem voters could return the favour by voting for the Green Party in the Regional vote.

After all, why vote for one party, when you could vote for two?


Keith M Ross
Green Party Assembly Candidate
South Wales West


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m told that Councillor Speht has published my letter on his website, but has ommitted the final bit about disaffected Lib Dems. Naughty, naughty!


  2. The letter was published in the Evening Post on Saturday 26th Feb, but I didn’t see it, so not sure if they printed it in full.


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