Endorsement and Embellishment

(Letter to the South Wales Evening Post)

Peter Black, AM (Have Your Say, Monday 7 March) fails to grasp that my use of the word “endorsement” in my letter thanking his Lib Dem colleague for mentioning the Green Party was ironic.

When it comes to “talking up” their vote, the Lib Dems are, of course, the masters with their creative use of statistics from one set of elections to exaggerate their chances of success in a different set. But as Lib Dems in Barnsley discovered last week, the only statistic that really matters is the final result.

Mr Black should not be so ready to dismiss the prospect of the Green share of the vote more than doubling at this year’s Assembly election. Stranger things have happened and much has changed since 2007 not least the Lib Dem standing in the opinion polls.

The most significant happening was the election of the first Green MP in May last year. Since then our membership has increased significantly. It appears that the electorate is still interested in green issues and has begun to see through the greenwash of the other parties.

With her strenuous opposition to cuts and tuition fees, and her strong support of Royal Mail and real reform of our parliamentary system, Green MP Caroline Lucas has shown in just 10 short months that elected Greens can be relied upon to keep their pre-election promises. Unlike others I could mention.


Keith M Ross
Green Party Assembly Candidate
South Wales West


One response to this post.

  1. First two paragraphs of the letter appeared in the South Wales Evening Post today.


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