Greens March Against Cuts

Green Party members from Swansea and across Wales will be heading for Hyde Park in London on Saturday (26th March) to join with hundreds of thousands of others to protest against the cutbacks by the coalition government.

Organised by the TUC, the ‘March for Alternatives’ is expected to draw together trade unionists, students and political activists, workers and individuals from all walks of life to protest against the governments planned cuts.

Keith M Ross, Green Party Assembly Candidate for the South Wales West Region said, “I’m joining the March for Alternatives because I believe the planned cuts are wrongheaded and unnecessary.

“Labour started the patchwork privatisation of the NHS, introduced the school academies programme and tuition fees. Now the coalition government is going further and planning to fundamentally transform our society. The tragedy is that a million people will be thrown out of work at a time when we need a million more jobs to tackle climate change and provide clean, affordable energy supplies for our future.

“Instead of cutting public services, we can tackle the deficit in other ways. We can increase taxes for the very wealthiest; clamp down on the billions lost through tax evasion and tax avoidance; introduce a financial transaction tax – the ‘Robin Hood Tax’; end expensive PFI schemes that are bad value for money; cancel unnecessary road building and save £3 billion a year; scrap the Trident nuclear weapons programme at a cost of £4 billion a year.

“Using the money we save we could create a million new jobs in clean, safe green industries and invest in a recovery that would benefit all the people of Britain, not just a few privileged bankers and businessmen.”

More information on the march at:

See also ‘Marching against the Myths’:


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  1. Small piece with a quote appeared in the Evening Post on 24 March.


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