Greens call for more investment in local Transport

Rail Services should be taken back into public ownership

Following recent announcements of problems with Veolia bus services in Gower and reductions in services in Swansea, Neath Port Talbot and Carmarthenshire, the Green Party is calling for greater investment in public transport.

In their manifesto for the Assembly Election to be launched later this month, the Green Party will propose the creation of a Passenger Transport Authority for Wales to deliver a truly integrated public transport network accessible to all, controlling fares and deciding routes.

The manifesto will also contain proposals for:

· Affordable, cheaper local transport that is accessible to those with disabilities by investing in buses and subsidising some routes. · Further discounted fares on off-peak journeys for those on a low income. · Free local transport for pensioners.
· Bringing rail services back into public ownership.

Keith M Ross, Green Party Assembly Candidate for the South Wales West Region said, “Welsh public transport is under-developed and cannot cope with the needs of a future sustainable Wales. Investing in public transport will have the effect of strengthening communities, promoting a greater appreciation of place, reducing crime, improving the health of the population and reducing traffic fatalities.

“Britain is the only major country in Europe that does not have a properly integrated, subsidised public transport system. And we, our communities and our businesses suffer as a result.

“The lack of a proper mass transport system in our towns and cities forces people to rely on personal transport – cars. Traffic on our roads is approaching unsustainable levels, leading to delays and jams, all of which increases costs and pollution.

“Investing in more and better public transport will protect families against rising fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions.”

In announcing changes to local bus timetables recently, Kevin Hart, General Manager of First Cymru said, “We regret the need to withdraw services, however we can only run buses where there are sufficient passenger numbers to make them commercially viable.”

Keith Ross continued, “Mr Hart’s statement confirms what we have always known. Private companies cannot provide the full range of services that local people need. As businesses, their primary motivation has to be profit, which is incompatible with providing a service to vulnerable people on low incomes and those living in isolated communities.”

“Greatly increased investment in public transport is required to ensure accessibility to all, irrespective of age, wealth or disability.”


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  1. Short article and quote appeared in today’s Evening Post (page 2).


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