Caroline Lucas, first Green MP in Cardiff on Wednesday 6 April

Green Party leader’s visit comes as the party looks set to win its first ever seat in the Welsh Assembly

As the Green Party begins its Assembly campaign, the UK’s first Green MP is to visit Elltec, an innovative local solar PV installer in Pontyclun which has recently doubled its staff, to demonstrate the role green technology could play in job creation and a strong economy in Wales.

Jake Griffiths, candidate for South Wales Central in May’s Assembly Election, said, “Where Wales once powered the world we must once again become the engine of the Green Economy.

“This is exactly the kind of sustainable local start-up we should be encouraging at a time of recession, to help Wales withstand the forthcoming cuts in public expenditure and develop the low-carbon economy so urgently needed to tackle the threat of climate change.

“Green AMs are needed, now more than ever, to challenge the devastating cuts being imposed by Westminster and to create a strategic long term vision that will get Wales onto the path towards a low-carbon economy.

“Whilst all the big parties are calling for savage cuts that will increase unemployment and slow down recovery, Greens have a bold plan for direct Government investment to kick-start the recovery and tackle climate change at the same time.”

Caroline Lucas’s visit comes as Wales Green Party leader Jake Griffiths looks set to win the party its first ever seat in the Welsh Assembly this May.

Caroline Lucas said today:

“Following my election last May as Britain’s first Green MP, a breakthrough in the Welsh Assembly would be part of a chain of successes, joining Green colleagues in Northern Ireland, Scotland and the European Parliament.”


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  1. Posted by Horselover Fat on May 4, 2011 at 8:54 am

    Instead of trotting around the country on her ‘self promotion’ tour, Caroline Lucas would be better employed doing something for the people who elected her (the residents of Brighton and Hove), because so far she’s done nothing for them. Still, as Caroline Lucas has a pathological obsession with both pro mass-immigration and the EU, I suppose there isn’t a lot of time for her to bother with the people who elected her…


    • Somewhat astonished by this comment as it in no way resembles the Caroline Lucas that I have known for the last 25 years. If you would care to take a look at her website ( you will see that she has been working extremely hard for the people of Brighton at the same time as promoting the work of The Green Party throughout the UK (as you would expect any party leader to do). Her “obsession” with the EU is quite natural given that she was previously a Member of the European Parliament for 11 years.
      Perhaps you know a different Caroline Lucas.


      • Posted by Horselover Fat on May 6, 2011 at 11:20 am

        No, I come from Brighton so know Caroline Lucas well; when asked to chair a local meeting voicing concerns about the building of a new Tesco in St. James Street, she couldn’t attend as she was at one of her pro-immigration meetings in Brussels. When she was asked to campaign against the proposed closure of allotments in Whitehawk, she couldn’t attend as she was at a wedding of a friends daughter. When asked to help residents during the proposed closure of nursing homes in ‘The Drive’, she claimed that she was too busy with her EU work to represent them. When asked why she schooled her children in Brussels, she stated that the schools are better there than those in the town that elected her (much to the absolute anger of many Brighton residents.The fact that Caroline Lucas STILL does not live in the town that elected her (but spends her time in Brussels and the other three homes that she owns in the UK) shows her commitment to the people of Brighton and Hove

  2. Posted by Keith M Ross on May 6, 2011 at 4:55 pm

    It doesn’t seem to have stopped the people of Brighton from voting Green. Greens are now the largest group on the council, which is a first for us.


    • Posted by Horselover Fat on May 10, 2011 at 4:51 pm

      It wasn’t so much that the people of Brighton enthusiastically voted for the Green manifesto, rather that they were sick of the damage that Labour and Tories have done to Brighton, and thought that any party would be better. Have you seen Brighton Green’s policies? Raise Council Tax, ban cars from the centre of Brighton, make all council workers sign a ‘diversity’ pledge, (Section deleted by site Editor).When the Amex stadium was built in Falmer, how many Greens opposed it? NONE!!!! The equivalent is like building the Liberty stadium in Rhosill, but not ONE single Green councillor spoke out against it!!!!! Brighton residents will rue the day they voted Green when they see how much they’ll be taxed for the pleasure!!!


  3. Posted by Horselover Fat on May 10, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    Oh, I forgot; Brighton councilor’s Jason Kitkat’s idiot idea that council forms for the public should be printed in just about every conceivable language, INCLUDING WELSH!!!!! When told that this has an extremely detrimental effect on the environment as trees have to be cut down to print these forms, he said in an Argus newspaper interview that it was (quote) “important to celebrate diversity” (unquote). Still, cllr. Jason kitkat is just as hypocritical as many Greens; he drives a 4X4…


    • Dear Horselover Fat,

      I’ve just removed one of your posts and edited another as I am reliably informed that they contain incorrect information. Neither Caroline Lucas nor Jason Kitkat have called for the establishment of a UFO Research Centre in Brighton, and unless you can provide direct evidence to the contrary we will block any further comments of that nature.

      Also, your posts relate specifically to the behaviour of Green Councillors in Brighton and to Caroline Lucas in her role as MP for Brighton, and as such are not really relevant to this site which is about Swansea Green Party. So I would be grateful if you could desist in future unless you have comments to make about Swansea Green Party itself.


      Keith M Ross
      Site Editor


  4. Can’t comment on the stadium issue, or on Councillor Kitkat’s personal transport arrangments, but the rest of the policies you quote seem quite sensible to me – but then I’m just a hypocritical Green.
    You seem to be confused as to which “idiot” (Caroline Lucas or Jason Kitkat) is the author of the UFO Research proposal.


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