Green Party Candidate pledges support for NSPCC Cymru/Wales Assembly Election campaign to protect children

Keith M Ross, Green Party Assembly Candidate for the South Wales West Region, has pledged to support the NSPCC Cymru/Wales ‘I Stand for Children’ campaign which aims to make child protection a priority for the next Assembly Government.

Mr Ross said, “In my former role as a Refugee Support Worker I worked at close quarters with many vulnerable children. The welfare of children is very dear to my heart, and if I am elected in May I will make the protection of children in Wales a personal priority.

“As a candidate in the South Wales West Region, I’m supporting NSPCC Cymru/Wales’ new campaign to ensure protecting children is a political priority: I Stand for Children.”

The NSPCC’s campaign is calling on candidates to commit to three child protection measures:

  • Ensuring that funding of frontline childrens social services is protected
  • Tackling child neglect
  • Ensuring that children are effectively protected from abuse in all sports settings in Wales

NSPCC head of service for Wales, Des Mannion, said: “We need to make sure that the next elected Assembly Government keeps child protection high on its list of priorities. By signing up to our campaign, candidates in this next election can help.

“The public can also help by visiting our campaign website and letting their candidates know what they want done.”

More information about the NSPCC Cymru/Wales ‘I stand for children’ campaign can be found at or


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