Green Jobs Strategy

The Green Party has congratulated the management of Swansea Valley tourist attraction Dan-Yr-Ogof Caves on their plan to become the first energy self-sufficient and zero carbon business in Wales.

Keith M Ross, Green Party Assembly Candidate for the South Wales West Region, said, “What Dan-Yr-Ogof are planning should serve as an example to us all. Utilising natural resources to produce carbon free energy is exactly the sort of initiative we need, not only to reduce our carbon footprint, but also to help provide the jobs of the future.

“Of course, not everyone has direct access to natural resources in this way, but investment in renewable energy could have benefits for everyone in Wales. As the Green New Deal, launched by the New Economics Foundation in July 2008 showed, shifting to green energy will produce countless new jobs, and create more pound-for-pound of investment, than propping up the current system.

“Wales is particularly well placed to benefit from this with our abundant natural resources of wind and tidal power.”

The Green Party Manifesto for the Welsh Assembly Election, to be published this week, will contain the following proposals:

– Develop the green jobs strategy of WAG, ensuring it realises its true potential. The Green Party estimates 50,000 jobs could be created in the low carbon economy in Wales.
– Offer Green workforce training, including training courses for jobs in energy conservation and renewable energy, with grant-funded conversion courses for skilled engineers from other industries.
– Support moves towards workplace democracy and ensure that workers and former workers control their pension funds.
– Support a greater role for co-operatives.

Mr Ross continued, “Current research shows that for every terawatt of energy produced, investment in wind energy will create 4 times as many jobs as conventional energy production (Coal, oil and gas) and 15 times more jobs than nuclear.

“Investment in clean, green, sustainable jobs in renewables is the way forward for our economy and for Wales – and Dan-Yr-Ogof are showing us the way.”


Green New Deal:


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  1. Posted by Keith M Ross on April 11, 2011 at 7:32 pm

    Extract with photo appeared in today’s Evening Post.


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