Dangerous to rely on nuclear

(Letter to the Evening Post)

It is Mike Cotton who is being disingenuous (Have Your Say, Saturday April 16th) when he implies that “the green environmental lobby” is responsible for the governments decision to rely so heavily on wind turbines for solving our future energy problems.

Greens have always argued for a mix of renewables coupled with energy efficiency and reduction in demand. To rely solely on wind would be as dangerous as relying on any single fuel source.

We find ourselves in a desperate situation, facing energy shortages at some point during this decade, because successive governments have failed to heed the warning signs and declined to provide investment for research into alternatives.

If just 10% of the public money that has gone to support nuclear energy over the last two decades had been provided for research into renewables, the UK would now be a world leader in alternative sources of energy. Instead it has been left to the private sector, who are generally uninterested in projects that will provide meagre financial returns in the short term. As a result we find ourselves looking to Germany and Denmark for the latest innovations in renewable technology.

Those who oppose wind farms only have a genuine argument if they can propose alternative solutions to the looming energy crisis, and are committed to reducing their own demand for electricity. Placing our faith in nuclear, as Mr Cotton and others would have us do, will not solve the problem. None of the new generation of nuclear power stations will come on stream during this decade, yet demand for electricity continues to rise almost as fast as fuel prices.

We need a mix of renewables, and we need it now if we want to keep the lights on.


Keith M Ross
Green Party Assembly Candidate
South Wales West Region


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  1. Posted by Keith M Ross on April 21, 2011 at 7:07 am

    Letter published in full in the Evening Post on 20 April


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