Swansea Green Party Candidate “nominated” for the House of Lords

Keith M Ross of Swansea Green Party has been “nominated” for the House of Lords in the Lord Speakers ‘Peer Factor’ competition for 2011.

‘The Peer Factor: Who Would You Put in the House of Lords and Why?’ competition asked young people to think seriously about the role and purpose of the House and Lords, giving them their say on who would make a valuable contribution to making laws on behalf of the UK public and checking and challenging government actions and decisions.

Entrants could make a short film, produce a podcast, write an essay, create a collage or submit a newspaper or magazine article. Nominations included Sir David Attenborough, naturalist and broadcaster; Simon Cowell, music executive and television producer; Jamie Oliver, chef and restaurateur; Dame Jacqueline Wilson, childrens author; Willow Smith, child actress and singer; and Sue Sylvester, a character from the TV series Glee.

One of the three winning entries this year was an essay submitted by 16-year-old Anna Mammedova from Swansea, who nominated local Green Party member Keith M Ross.

The citation for Anna’s winning essay read, “For 16-year-old Anna Mammedova, from Olchfa School in Swansea, Keith Ross has proved to be an inspiring role model because of his active citizenship. Anna and her family are refugees from Azerbaijan and Keith has been their caseworker during the six years they have been in the UK. Anna nominated him because of his already tested skills in scrutinising the governments work and making its social and economic policies work for vulnerable people.”

On hearing of her win, Anna said: “I am really, really happy! I was confident about my essay but I did not expect to win.”

Swansea Green Party member Keith Ross said: “I’m so pleased that Anna has nominated me for the House of Lords for the Peer Factor competition. More importantly, I’m absolutely delighted for Anna as her achievement is so remarkable when you consider that English is not her first language.”

More details of ‘Peer Factor’ competition at:


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