Phone hacking scandal surely spells end for disgraced NOTW

Responding today to further developments in the case of phone hacking at the News of the World, Green Party Leader Caroline Lucas MP said, “The drip feed of appalling revelations regarding the News of the World phone hacking scandal must surely spell the end for this disgraced publication – and makes the current position of its former editor, Rebekah Brooks, look untenable.

“Despite repeated attempts by News International to play down the story and evade the law by paying off the highest profile victims, the true extent of the newspaper’s systematic misconduct – and the tragic human cost – has now been laid bare.

“By boycotting the News of the World, we can send a clear message to Rupert Murdoch and to the newspaper’s remaining advertisers that illegal and immoral practices have no place in our media.”

“I fully support calls for a public inquiry, or indeed multiple inquiries, into the handling of this case by the Metropolitan Police – particularly in light of alarming reports that some officers received payment from the NOTW – and for a full investigation into the unethical practices in the industry as a whole that have driven the UK press further into the gutter.

“Furthermore, the Prime Minister should shed greater light on how much was known in No 10 about the scale of this crisis – and whether the possibility of these latest revelations coming to light was what finally led to the resignation of his former communications director, Andy Coulson.”


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