Wales Green Party Deputy Leader detained in Israel

Pippa Bartolotti, Deputy Leader of Wales Green Party, is reported to have been detained in Israel after attempting to travel openly to the West Bank.

Pippa was taking part in the “Flytilla” – a co-ordinated attempt by around 700 pro-Palestinian activists to challenge Israel’s control of the Palestinian borders. Activists from around the world booked flights to Tel Aviv with the intention of visiting Bethlehem at the invitation of families there.

About 100 people are thought to have made it through to the West Bank so far. Some didn’t make it as far as Israel as airlines blocked them from boarding. Others were detained on arrival in Tel Aviv and are now in Israeli prisons awaiting return to their countries of origin.

Among over 100 known to have been detained twelve are thought to be British, including, in addition to Pippa Bartolotti, D Murphy and Fiona Williams from Swansea.

More details from Swansea Action for Palestine.


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