Regina vs the people of South Wales

(Letter to the South Wales Evening Post)

For once I can agree with Councillor Ioan Richard on an issue relating to wind farms.

It is indeed disappointing that a multi-national company is able to resort to the High Court in order to overturn the democratic decisions of local councils and the Welsh Government (‘Dismay as London judge backs firm in wind turbine battle’, Evening Post, Monday 11 July, page 8).

But this application for a judicial review would not have been possible had Swansea Council and the Assembly’s planning enquiry done their jobs properly. It is to be hoped that the Assembly get it right when the matter comes back to them for reconsideration.

Although I fundamentally disagree with Councillor Richard and his anti-wind colleagues on the merits of wind power, I do fully support Green Party Policy where it states that, “Planning decisions should always be made at the most local practical level. The deemed regional, national or global importance of proposed developments should be weighed alongside the needs and expressed opinions of the local communities in the areas in which they are sited.”

Unfortunately the law tends to favour the rich and powerful, and companies such as RWE will always be prepared to resort to the courts in order to achieve their (profitable) aims in defiance of the democratic process and local opinion.

Perhaps one way to defeat these powerful organisations would be for Councillor Richard and his fellow campaigners to join forces with the green lobby in calling for greater emphasis on demand reduction through energy efficiency and support for micro-renewables thus reducing the need for increased generating capacity in the future.


Keith M Ross
Swansea Green Party


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  1. Slightly edited version appeared in yesterday’s Evening Post.


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