Greens welcome Labour Group’s ‘Vision for the City’

Swansea Green Party has welcomed Swansea City Council Labour Group’s ‘Vision for the City’, saying “this is a plan we can work with”.

Commenting on the Labour Group’s ‘Vision for the City’ published in the Evening Post last week, Keith Ross of Swansea Green Party said, “This is a plan that Greens can work with.

“Labour’s ideas contrast sharply with the Swansea Administration’s rather sterile, business as usual, ‘Swansea City Centre Action Plan’, which is, in effect, just a summary of what is already happening or has already been planned. The Lib Dems gave us a recipe for sustained development with seemingly never ending roadworks and another new retail development, whereas the Labour plan offers us a sustainable vision for the future.”

Mr Ross continued, “We have to be realistic and recognise that Swansea is not, and never will be, like Cardiff. But that doesn’t mean that we should be unambitious in our vision of the future. Swansea has a lot to offer that is unique and worthy of celebration, and we should not be cowed by our larger, richer neighbour, nor seek to become a pale imitation.

“The Green Party welcomes Labour’s vision for the city, bringing as it does greater focus on the arts and culture, and seeking to improve opportunities for local businesses and producers. Their plan to “maximise the city’s advantages” is precisely what is needed in an era of economic difficulties that seem to increase by the day.

“Of course, and as you would expect, Greens would be looking to include better support for public transport and measures to reduce individual car usage; plus encouragement for businesses to reduce their carbon footprints by greater use of local produce and more energy efficiency. And we would like to see this vision expanded to encompass the wider community.

But in its general outline this is certainly a plan we can work with.”


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