Green Party calls for boost to local manufacturing

Last week’s announcement, of year on year and quarterly GDP growth figures, has confirmed that the coalition government’s approach to the deficit and public services is damaging the economy.

GDP only rose 0.2% in the 2nd quarter of 2011.

Green Party Deputy Leader Adrian Ramsay commented, “The ONS report shows that the Coalition is cutting too far, too fast. The increased cost of living, combined with growing uncertainty over employment, is choking consumer confidence – and consequently the UK’s recovery.

“But GDP, as a measurement has its own failings. GDP does not take living within the ecological limits of the planet into account and emphasises quantity over quality.

“The Green Party would rather have a goal for Britain to be a richer society, a society defined by a fairer distribution of wealth, more equality, and strengthened local economies, rather than solely on GDP growth.

“We think the government needs to give far more support to British manufacturing, through investing in training opportunities, and ensuring government contracts are used to build up domestic manufacturing companies.”

In an interview on Radio 4 PM, Adrian Ramsay used Bombardier in Derby as an example, as well as investing in renewable energy to create immediate jobs.

In Norwich and Brighton, Green Party initiatives are already shaping a concrete economic alternative.

In Norwich, the Norfolk Energy Services Company is installing council run solar panels in order to generate revenues that can offset the impact of national government cuts.(2)

In Brighton and Hove, the Green Party led City Council is already implementing a green strategy to tackle the short term challenges of the current economic climate and to lay out a long term model for economic sustainability.

Earlier this month, Brighton & Hove City Council Leader, Green Cllr Bill Randall, said:

“The main aims of this strategy will be to create jobs by attracting new businesses as well as retaining and growing those already in the city.

“This will help forge economic recovery and help the city to make the transition to a thriving low carbon economy, attracting investment and enabling business to compete in the burgeoning climate change sector.”(3)


1) ONS report:




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