Green Party Statement on Abortion

The Green Party will not support any change to the current laws on abortions that would aim to make it more difficult for women to obtain them.  Such a change in the law would do nothing to address the underlying factors that lead to women seeking abortions. Instead, it is likely to drive them into going elsewhere for the operations – either overseas or to illegal practitioners in this country – which will increase both the distress and the health risks for those involved.

The Green Party wants to improve contraceptive provision and sex education, which could reduce the number of abortions that occur in England and Wales. Greens are concerned that women seeking an abortion who can afford to “go private” can receive a swifter, and hence medically safer, procedure.

The Greens want to abolish the current law that requires the consent of two doctors for an abortion. The Greens believe appropriately-qualified midwives and nurses should be able to perform abortions, with the aim of improving access to NHS facilities. Currently women seeking an abortion face waits of up to seven weeks, and nearly 10% of abortions are carried out privately.


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