Jake Griffiths, Leader of Wales Green Party addressed Green Party of England and Wales Conference in Sheffield earlier today

“I’d like to thank the thousands of people who put their faith in us, and gave us their votes in May’s Assembly Election. You put your faith in us when people were naturally feeling defensive, when it was all too clear what damage was being done by the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in London.

“Thousands more people than ever before, responded to our positive campaign, showing that there is a real alternative to the politics of public service cuts, environmental degradation and punishing the vulnerable for the mistakes of the super-rich.”

“Whilst we were not successful this time we were just 2% short of electing our first Assembly Member, at a time when we could have easily fallen backwards.

“In some of our strongest wards, including my home ward of Canton in West Cardiff, we polled as high as 20% according to election night tallying.

“This shows that where we’ve put the work in over the years, more and more people are coming to like the green message and are prepared to vote for it. And that’s great news for the Local Elections next May, where we are fully focussed on electing Councillors. “



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