Green Party comment on Plaid Conference support for nuclear power station

Wales Green Party has reacted to news that the Plaid Cymru conference has voted to support a new nuclear power station on Anglesey.

Jake Griffiths, Leader of Wales Green Party said, “People are very familiar with Ieuan Wyn Jones supporting a nuclear power station in his constituency despite it contradicting his own party’s policy, but it’s disappointing to hear Plaid Cymru as a whole has now voted to support it.

“Nuclear power is expensive, unsafe and unnecessary. Thousands more jobs could be created in Wales, including Anglesey in safe renewable technologies. Support for nuclear power will be at the expense of safe clean renewable energy. Countries such as Spain, Germany and Denmark already produce 30% of their electricity from renewable sources.

“The recent nuclear accident at Fukushima in Japan shows just how unsafe nuclear power can be.

“It is ironic that Plaid has just made a commitment to an independent Wales, yet is supporting a nuclear power plan that was designed by Westminster to satisfy England’s energy demands.  Plaid support for nuclear seems nothing less than political opportunism to safeguard their Assembly and Westminster seats in Anglesey and Gwynedd.”



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