Save Morfa Beach

(Letter to the South Wales Evening Post)

Recent announcements by Tata Steel about a pause in production at Trostre to avoid redundancies, and the appointment of 81 new apprentices at Port Talbot  (Evening Post, Saturday 10 September, pages 6 & 7) present the image of a caring employer with an eye to future generations.

Strange then that Tata would risk the goodwill that these moves might generate among the local population by seeking to restrict public access to Morfa Beach by the closure of Longlands Lane (Public Footpath 92).

If, as the company claims, “There are no plans to extend the landfill site” and  “It is to discourage people from crossing operational land” (Evening Post, Wednesday 7 September), this could easily be achieved by better fencing and more signage. 

Organisations like Tata Steel and their predecessors have provided employment to several generations of local people, but this has come at a high cost to the local environment.  Shutting off one of the few places where local people can enjoy a sunny day or just find some peace for no obvious reason can only serve to fuel the suspicions that Tata has some dark plan to expand their operation at further cost to the environment.

Generations of local people have enjoyed Morfa Beach, long before Tata Steel came into being.   Allowing continued access to the beach would cost Tata nothing. They will do themselves no favours by pursuing this closure in the face of strong local opposition.  Even if they win the argument, they will loose the goodwill.


Keith M Ross, Swansea Green Party


For more details of the ‘Save Morfa Beach’ campaign, see their Facebook Group at:






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  1. Published in full in yesterday’s Evening Post.


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