Allotments on the Vetch Field

(Letter to the South Wales Evening Post)

Council Leader Chris Holley praises the Vetch Veg project and comments, “It will be a demonstration project that will raise awareness of the potential for community food growing across the city.” (Evening Post, Wednesday 14 September, page 14)

With household grocery bills predicted to double over the next twelve months, the ability to grow at least some of their own food would be a valuable asset to hard-pressed local families.

Despite the fact that local councils are required by law to provide allotments if there is a demand for them, recent years have seen continuing decline in the number of allotments available, and waiting lists for allotments growing ever longer. Swansea is no exception to this.

In view of this, perhaps Councillor Holley and his colleagues will now consider including space for permanent allotments in the new “master plan” for the Vetch Field site.


Keith M Ross, Swansea Green Party






2 responses to this post.

  1. Brilliant article about the Vetch Veg project in today’s Evening Post (not available on line) plus an Editorial comment in favour of making the allotments permanent (read here).


  2. Letter published in full in today’s Evening Post.


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