Greens congratulate Swansea Council on reducing Carbon Footprint

At the Council Meeting on Thursday evening councillors received the ‘Statement of Accounts’ for Swansea Council for 2010/11 (1).

Buried deep in this long and complex document (page 209) was a small table showing that Carbon emissions from the Council’s buildings and transport decreased from 77,487 tonnes in 2009/10 to 70,649 tonnes in 2010/11 – a reduction of 7198 tonnes (9.25%) over the year.

Keith M Ross of Swansea Green Party said, “Swansea Council is to be congratulated for this reduction of their Carbon Footprint.  This is just short of the 10:10 Campaign (2) objective of 10% reduction during 2010 and ahead of the Green Party’s target of 9% per annum across the UK – a significant achievement for an organisation the size of Swansea Council.

“This is good news for the environment and good news for Council Tax payers in Swansea as the reduction was achieved by decreasing the amount and therefore the cost of electricity, gas, petrol and diesel used by the Council.

“We understand that Swansea Council is considering a number of interesting innovations to further reduce their carbon emissions, and we look forward to seeing more improvements in the future.

“Well done Swansea Council for setting such a good example for others to follow.”


1.      Swansea  Council Statement of Accounts for 2010/11:

2.      Cutting Carbon 10% at a time:


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