Greens call for more investment in renewable energy to solve employment crisis

The Green Party has responded to the worst unemployment figures for 17 years by calling for more investment in renewable energy and energy conservation.

Today’s unemployment figures have been greeted with a sense of shock and deep concern across Wales and the UK.

Wales currently has an unemployment rate substantially higher than the UK.  Nine percent of people in Wales are recorded as being out of work and 16,000 have lost their jobs in the last three months, bringing the total in Wales up to 131,000.

Keith M Ross of Swansea Green Party said, “We need immediate and decisive action to address this worrying trend in Wales.  The Welsh Government’s announcement of £75 million for the ‘Jobs Growth Wales’ scheme will help to create around 4,000 jobs for young people, but more is needed. “

The Green Party’s answer is a ‘Green New Deal’ that will see significant investment in renewable energy and energy conservation projects to create clean, green and sustainable jobs in Wales.

Mr Ross continued, “Shifting to green energy will produce countless new jobs, and create more pound-for-pound of investment than conventional methods.

“Current research shows that for every terawatt of energy produced, investment in wind energy will create 4 times as many jobs as conventional energy production (Coal, oil and gas) and 15 times more jobs than nuclear.

“The Green Party estimates 50,000 jobs could be created in the low carbon economy in Wales.

“Wales is particularly well placed to benefit from this with our abundant natural resources of wind and tidal power.  Utilising these resources to produce carbon free energy is exactly the sort of initiative we need, not only to reduce our carbon footprint, but also to help provide the jobs of the future.

“Investment in clean, green, sustainable jobs in renewables is the way forward for our economy and for Wales.”


Green New Deal:


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  1. Short piece in today’s Evening Post, unfortunately not available online.


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