How clean is our city?

(Letter to the South Wales Evening Post)

There is something rather too neat and perfect about Paul McGarvie’s letter (‘I loved my first visit to city’, Have Your Say, Friday 2 December), not least his comment that “the city was very clean and tidy”.

It’s pleasing that Mr McGarvie so enjoyed his visit to the city, but he paints a very different picture to that seen by city dwellers, particularly those of us who live beyond the ambit of the Council’s city centre focus (some might say obsession).  “Clean and tidy” is not a phrase often associated with the streets of Brynmill. 

It is equally pleasing to see Councillor Hague’s statement that “We will do everything in our power to track down individuals who are responsible for illegally dumping waste in our city”  (‘Council vows to prosecute fly-tippers’, page 5, Friday 2 December).

Perhaps now the residents of Uplands & Brynmill can look forward to extra efforts being made to deal with the waste that regularly lies around our streets.

Despite years of reporting and complaining from local people, and despite all this year’s additional efforts by the Council Recycling Team and Swansea University Student Union, the “illegal” dumping of waste in our streets, gardens and lanes remains a daily annoyance for the residents of Uplands & Brynmill.

It’s time that HMO landlords, their tenants and other offenders were made to face up to their responsibilities to the community in the same way that fly-tippers are.


Keith M Ross, Swansea Green Party


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