Greens announce candidates for local elections

Swansea Green Party has begun the process of selecting candidates to stand in the local council elections in May.  Following their AGM last week they have published details of the first candidates to be selected.

Keith M Ross will be the Green Party’s “first choice” candidate for the Uplands & Brynmill Ward.  Mr Ross is 62 and has lived in Brynmill for 10 years.  He is a former Royal Navy officer and has also worked in local government, university administration and telecommunications.  He was a refugee support worker with the Welsh Refugee Council in Swansea before becoming a victim of government cuts in March last year.

Keith was the Green Party candidate for Swansea West in the 2010 General Election and lead candidate for the South Wales West Region at the 2011 Assembly Election.

Also standing in Uplands & Brynmill will be Andrew Smith who is 34 and lives in Brynmill with his wife and two sons.  A graduate of Swansea University who then settled in the city, he is now a “stay at home dad” and part-time Market Researcher.  Andrew previously stood for the Green Party at the local council elections in 2008.

The party’s lead candidate in the Penderry ward will be Tony Young. Tony was born in Swansea in 1943. His family being Irish, he has spent much of his life in Ireland, but has lived in Penlan for the last 38 years. He has an Honours Degree in Hispanic Studies, and taught Maths and Modern Languages in various schools and colleges in England, Ireland, and Spain.

This will be the third time that Tony has stood for the Green Party in local council elections.  He was also the party’s candidate for Swansea East in the last General Election.

The party’s candidate in Castle Ward will be Steve Clegg. He is a single parent of three children and a self-employed counsellor, having previously worked as a legal advisor, drugs counsellor, neighbourhood dispute mediator and in various community regeneration projects around Swansea. He has lived in Swansea for 19 years, the majority of that time in the Mount Pleasant area.

Huw Evans will represent the party in the Gowerton ward.  Huw is 28,was born in Swansea and has lived here all his life.  He is a first language Welsh speaker and a Chemistry graduate, and is currently employed in the chemical industry.  Huw was one of the party’s candidates for the South Wales West Region at last year’s Assembly Election.

Party Agent Keith M Ross added, “The selection process will continue in the coming weeks and we will be announcing further candidates for wards across Swansea and Gower shortly.”


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  1. Posted by Tegwyn Vivienne Hill on February 25, 2012 at 12:10 am

    I like the public image of Caroline Lucas and I like the policies of the Green Party. I think over the next three years that the more publicity for the Green Party policies the more people will come around to thinking about changing their vote. I have voted Labour all my life but I am disappointed that the party seems to have lost it’s roots and vision. The Labour party was once a party that stood for fair play for the working class, however over recent years they seem to have lost direction. I have been looking for the name of the local council candidate for Portmead, Swansea and for the candidate for MP for Swansea East. I would like to start reading more about the Green Party and it’s policies in our newspapers and seeing the name “Green Party” becoming as familiar as: Labour, Conservative and Lib/Dem, unfortunately the Green Party is mainly known for it’s policies on global warming and are not really taken seriously, I feel we should be reading more of what the party stands for apart from being “green”. People are fed up with the three main parties and are looking for alternatives, however unless the Green Party gets adequate publicity over the next three years people will vote for the three main parties again. I would like to see Caroline Lucas and other Green Party members speaking their minds on the policies of the Coalition and the Labour party and gaining a lot more support from the public and gaining a lot more seats in parliament.


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