The City Centre is not the be all and end all of Swansea

(Letter to the South Wales Evening Post)

Like most people in Swansea I am “Proud to be local” (‘Make real savings with city centre loyalty card’, page 3, Monday 5 March).  But for me “local” does not involve an obsession with the city centre.

Businesses in the city centre are of great importance, but they are not the be all and end all of our community, as your Advertisement Director Lisa Cameron appears to think.  Our lives are not all about shopping.

The focus on improving the city centre over recent years has come at a cost to the wider community.  Whilst our city council has concentrated on making way for the bendy-bus, creating their grand boulevard and making it easier for people to shop in the city centre, roads, pavements, green spaces and public buildings elsewhere in the city have deteriorated.  One does not need to stroll far beyond the bounds of the city centre to see plentiful evidence of this.

In Brynmill the current state of the pavements is a disgrace and the condition of the roads is not far behind.  Earlsmoor has become a shabby shadow of its former self, with the council not even able to maintain the gardens in any reasonable state.  Not far away we have the Swiss Cottage emerging from its second winter without a roof and two forlorn looking abutments pining for the return of the Slip Bridge.

Now that the planned improvement work in the city centre is drawing to a close, it is time for a refocusing of our priorities.  We may be living in hard times, but what investment there is available needs to be shared out across our communities.

We’ve had the City Centre Action Plan.  Now we need a Community Action Plan for all of Swansea.


Keith M Ross, Green Party Candidate for Uplands & Brynmill


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  1. Somewhat edited version of my letter published in today’s Evening Post (


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