Leader of Wales Green Party to visit Swansea on Tuesday 3 April

Pippa Bartolotti, Leader of Wales Green Party, will be visiting Swansea on Tuesday 3 April to meet local Green Party candidates and support their campaign for the local council election in May.

Ms Bartolotti will be visiting the ‘Down to Earth’ project in Murton in the early afternoon, before moving on to view solar panel installations by ‘Green Energy Solutions Wales’ in the area.  This will be followed by a private meeting with local Green Party candidates.

In the evening Ms Bartolotti will give a public talk on ‘Green Cities’ in The Environment Centre, Swansea starting at 7:30pm.

Ms Bartolotti commented, “When I visited Frieburg (in SW Germany) last year, I was impressed, inspired, and finally annoyed. With its solar cities, investment in the sustainable industries and carbon negative buildings, Germany epitomises what Wales should be, and could be if the Welsh Government took a look around and started implementing best practice instead of business as usual.

“I‘m visiting Swansea to help spread the word of how prosperous and innovative any city can be. Zero carbon in the average household means zero energy bills. It’s not rocket science, its easily achievable. But without a real will to save energy and invest in the future, I fear Wales will still be living a 2½ planet lifestyle when the rest of the world has learned to live on 1.”


1. The Down to Earth Project (www.downtoearthproject.org.uk) is an award winning not-for-profit education organisation based on Gower.  Specialising in personal development and sustainability education through the outdoors, Down to Earth works with some of South Wales’ most disadvantaged and ‘hard to reach’ groups. From growing food organically to building with earth, to rearing rare breed pigs and adventure activities, Down to Earth offers a diverse range of learning experiences to both inspire and support self-confidence and learning.

2. Green Energy Solutions Wales (http://www.geswales.co.uk/) is an independent company specialising in the supply and installation of the highest quality micro-generation equipment and zero-low carbon technologies, in particular solar electricity (Solar PV) and hot water systems.  Based in Swansea, Green Energy Solutions are specialist solar panel installers covering Wales and England, and boast of having only happy customers. Green Energy Solutions are Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved Solar PV installers.  Local Green Party member Ross Walters, who will be standing for election in Castle Ward, runs the company.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by rod newell on April 21, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    why is the green party only supportng only one solar panel orginization


    • This was only one visit on one day. Of course the Green Party supports all those involved in the promotion and manufacture of renewable technologies and if elected in Swansea we will do all we can to support any local business involved in the industry.


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